Your Simple Solutions

Since 2009, I have helped families to cut the clutter and break the cycle of disorganization in their homes. We work together to create simple solutions for their schedule, learn skills for prioritizing, and develop ways to pass organizing skills on to our children.

Leigh D.
Leigh D.Mother of 2

"I'm pretty sure that her visit to my house and the information I learned in her course are the only reason why I haven't burned my house to the ground in a fit of clutter induced rage."

Kimberlee M.
Kimberlee M.Mom & LMT

When Christy and I began our work together, I was buried under 20 boxes of paper, literally. She worked with me, not just my stuff. She gave me tools that not only worked when she was there, but also worked when she wasn't. I still am amazed at how she was able to get inside my head and help me develop skills I can use for a lifetime.