Back to School Organizing & Sparkling Raspberry Ginger Beer

Back-to-School Organizing Tips & Sparkling Raspberry Ginger Beer

What is your biggest organizing struggle when it comes to the school year?

Are you craving the structure and routine of the school year? Or wondering how you can actually feel on top of all the things this year?

I know many of you out there are already back in the swing of things and then there are some of you who still have almost a month to go. No matter when your summer break ends, we have some great tips for you today to help start your school year off on an organized foot. We will talk creating a morning routine, how to deal with papers, how to figure out what schedule you need and how to balance it all when it comes to kids and school and activities.

I did a survey in my Cocktails and Containers Facebook Group asking what the biggest struggles mom felt when it comes to back-to-school organizing. The number one answer, with almost as many votes as all the others combined, was balancing it all. How to fit it all in. So let’s start there and then we’ll move into schedule, morning routines, and papers.


  • Be aware of what is on your family’s schedule so you can prioritize the things you must do.
  • Plan ahead so you can make enough time to complete your must-do tasks and account for any other activities planned.
  • Make edits and learn to say “no” so you can stay focused on completing the priorities for you and your family.

Finding balance is not how you do all the things.

It’s deciding which things deserve your time.

Christy Lingo


  • Pick a type of schedule that will work best for you and your family. Or tweak your current schedule to work better.
  • Review your schedule on a regular basis so that everyone knows who needs to be where when. And this teaches the value of time management.
  • Build margin into your schedule to help account for the unexpected. This helps so you can breathe and not continue to fall behind.


  • Be Consistent with what you do when each and every morning.
  • Use cues to help your kids know what transition is coming. You could do this yourself or have your digital assistant do it.
  • Do stuff ahead like picking out clothes, packing lunches, or locating shoes. The less you have to think about in the morning, the better.

“One issue we always had was getting dressed at the last minute (and inevitably having something go wrong) so i started having them set out outfits before bed & they were required to have them on before breakfast or tv/iPad time. It made a big difference- plus I could run an emergency load of laundry overnight if needed”

Sara from my Cocktails & Containers Facebook Group


  • Schedule a regular time to go through the papers that come.
  • Contain what you keep. By giving papers a place to go, they won’t pile up in places all over the house.
  • Maintain the container by going back through the items on a regular basis (quarterly or biannually). What seemed important 6 months ago might not be so important now.

Sparkling Raspberry Ginger Beer

A light, refreshing Summer pitcher cocktail with the zing of ginger beer & bourbon.
Course: Drinks
Servings: 6
Author: The Kitchn


  • 1 1/2 C. Bourbon
  • 3-12 oz bottles Ginger Beer
  • 2 C. Fresh or Frozen Raspberries


  • Combine the bourbon, ginger beer, and raspberries in a pitcher. Serve in ice-filled glasses.

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