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Podcast Episodes

  • Let’s face it…part of what makes it the most wonderful time of the year is all the yummy treats! Am I right? And what better way to get your hands on lots of those tasty morsels than hosting a cookie exchange with your friends and family. This week, I have tips to make your exchange

  • Do you ever feel like you would rather walk barefoot over a Lego field than try to figure out what to feed your family? Are you looking for a solution that isn’t just take out or something from the frozen food aisle…again? Meet Tricia Callahan…founder of Once a Month Meals. Once a Month Meals is

  • Do you want to give gifts without adding to the clutter in your home or someone else’s? Well, you’re in luck because today I am chatting with two decluttering experts.  Today I am joined by Rose Lounsbury and Emily Rooney to discuss how to present the idea of clutter-free gifts to your family and some

  • When was the last time you purged your photo collection? Whether it’s digital photos or photo prints, photos are high on many of our “I’ll get around to it” lists. I am totally guilty of this. Which is why I am chatting with photo organizing experts Tamara Wowrosch and Kim Rankin of Pixelwinx. Kim &

  • Does the thought of hosting family and friends at the holidays overwhelm you? Have you always wanted to organize a large holiday gathering but aren’t sure where to start? Today I have 3 steps for you to take to start to plan any holiday gathering. With a little planning and forethought, you can plan, execute

  • Love it or hate it…the holidays are almost here. And so are all the holiday decorations. The explosion of social media has upped the ante on holiday decor. But today I chat with professional organizer Lisa Trigsted about tips for creating a beautifully decorated home for the holidays without blowing your budget. And, most importantly,

  • Organizing Kids Rooms & Palomas

    Teaching kids to organize can seem impossible. I totally get it. I teach people to organize for a living and I look at my kids’ organizing skills sometimes and say “what am I doing wrong here?!?” Today I chat with my friend Jessica who is at her wit’s end with her young daughter and all

  • How to Finish a Project and Pumpkin Spice White Russians

    Finding the motivation to finish a project can often be harder than starting it in the first place. Raise your hand if you have started a project with gusto but fizzled out before it was finished. I am completely guilty of this (just ask my kids about their playhouse without a roof sitting in our

  • Organizing for Baby & Boulavardiers

    Oh, baby! There are so many things that come along with having a baby. What do you do with all those things? And which things do you really need? And what do you do with the things if you know if want another baby? Did I mention that mommy brain is a real thing and

  • Heirlooms and Apple Cider Old Fashioneds

    Do you have any “heirlooms” around the house you just don’t really want or you don’t know what to do with? Or you you know you have some “heirlooms” coming your way? On today’s “Cocktails and Containers” we discuss how to define an actual heirloom, how to have a conversation with parents or family members