Easy Summer Organizing Projects

Easy Summer Organizing Projects for Families

Before Summer gets into full swing, check out these 5 easy organizing tasks for you and your family.

They won’t take you long but doing it now will help you to spend more time playing and less time inside organizing once summer gets rolling. AND you’ll be set up for success once the school year starts again. Check out the YouTube video below for more info…
  1. Clothing — Go through closets now and clear out any clothes that no longer fit and store for younger children or donate/sell. Also, make note of what you are getting rid of if it is frequently worn so you can put it on your replace list when it is time to school shop.
  2. Toys & Hobby — Is there a toy or some sports equipment that your child as outgrown or no longer uses? Now is the time to pare down these items so you can clear the clutter and start establishing habits of putting items in homes and returning them to their homes when they are finished.
  3. Books — As with the books or hobby supplies, are there books on your shelves that your family has outgrown or is no longer interested in? This will make space for more age and reading level appropriate books when they return to school in the Fall. Also, take a look at the magazines you may have been collecting and decide if you are going to read them or if they should just hit the recycling bin.
  4. Paperwork — Clean out the backpack! Clean out the basket in the kitchen! Clean out the desk drawer! Do it now because, trust me, you are not going to want to do it in those waning days of summer and that paperwork is just going to keep piling up and piling up and piling up from year to year until it becomes unbearable.
  5. Pantries and Food Cupboards — Finally, go through your pantry or food cupboards so you can get an inventory of what is lurking around your kitchen. Throw out anything that is expired, group like items with like items, and don’t forget the wipe the shelves down before you put everything back.

And there you have it! 5 super simple organizing tasks to help you stay on top of things but stay organized this summer.


Comment below if you have any tasks you like to do seasonally to keep your family life running smoothly!

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