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Parenting can feel like such a lonely island....I often shake my head and wonder "am I the only one dealing with this?" And when it comes to organizing and simplifying your family, sometimes it is nice to know there are others on your side experiencing the same issues.

This is why I have created various online communities and resources for you to join me and other like minded parents to discuss, support and create simple solutions for your family.

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Facebook Group

My Cocktails & Containers Facebook group is a great resource for like minded moms looking to tackle the clutter in the home and simplify their family life.

You can find links to previous episodes as well as products and services I mention in the broadcast. We also have regular live chats to discuss specific issues the membership is having.

Weekly Live Chats

My Family Organizing 101 group is moms who have previously taken my "Family Organizing 101" course. Each week we chat live to discuss issues students are having related to the class material or other relevant organizing topics.

My Family Organizing 101 class will start its next round of classes in October 2018. If you would like more information about joining the class, click the link below.

Ready to Start Your Organizing Journey?

Would you like to work with Christy to help simplify and organize your home and family? Click the button to contact Christy about working with her to develop a strategy and system to organize your home and family.