Organizing Holiday Decorations & Ornery Mules

Love it or hate it…the holidays are almost here. And so are all the holiday decorations.

The explosion of social media has upped the ante on holiday decor. But today I chat with professional organizer Lisa Trigsted about tips for creating a beautifully decorated home for the holidays without blowing your budget. And, most importantly, how to store those lovely decorations after you have taken them down.

Lisa grew up the oldest of 7 children in Idaho… she and her husband moved to Texas in 1995, where Lisa taught in schools until starting her own organizing business, Neat Freak McKinney in 2017. Lisa and her husband have 5 children and 8 grandchildren and live in McKinney, TX.

Lisa also shares with us one of her favorite cocktail recipes, the ornery mule. You are going to love this spicy twist on the popular Moscow Mule cocktails…and another excuse to use your copper cups.

Ornery MulesOrnery Mule

Serves 1

• 2 oz. of Spicy Vodka*
• Juice from ½ lime
• Bottle of ginger beer
• Ice
• Garnish: Slice of candied ginger and fresh jalapeño ring

*Make spicy vodka by soaking fresh sliced jalapenos in vodka overnight.

Fill your copper mug with plenty of ice. Squeeze in the juice from ½ a lime (full lime if you like it tangy). Add spicy vodka & ginger beer. Stir and add candied ginger and fresh jalapeno ring as garnish. Cheers!

Here is where you can find out more about Lisa:


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