Organzing a Holiday Gathering & Gewurtztraminer

Does the thought of hosting family and friends at the holidays overwhelm you?

Have you always wanted to organize a large holiday gathering but aren’t sure where to start? Today I have 3 steps for you to take to start to plan any holiday gathering. With a little planning and forethought, you can plan, execute and, dare I say, even enjoy a gathering this coming holiday season.

3 Basic Steps to Organize a Holiday Gathering

1. Make a list and schedule
2. Delgate! Delegate! Delegate!
3. Take a moment to enjoy it!

For more details on each of these three steps plus the first of my holiday dinner wine pairing suggestions, be sure to check out the video.

And if you are looking for more in depth planning steps for a Thanksgiving dinner, check out guide to Thanksgiving Meal Planning here:


If you are the type of person who stares blankly at the wine shelves and eventually picks the one with the prettiest label, I’ve got some tips for you. Over the next couple weeks I will be making some suggestions of wines that you can pair with your holiday meal fare that will please a variety of palates but won’t cost an arm and leg.

Today we are talking about the Gewurztraminer (ga-VERTZ-tra-mee-ner). Gewurztraminer is a white wine with German roots and it has subtle hints of the sweetness of Riesling. But where the Riesling has a tongue coating sweetness that may not appeal to everyone’s taste (especially if you have a tongue coating, heavy holiday meal), the Gewurtztraminer has a great balance of acidity, sweetness and herbaceous. The acidity helps to cleanse the palate when eating foods heavy in fats. The sweetness helps appeal to guests who aren’t regular wine drinkers. And the subtle hints of herbs help it blend and enhance the food rather than covering or competing with it.

You can usually pick up a great Gewurtztraminer for around $15 or less at your local wine shop or super market. I highly recommend trying some for your next gathering or hostess gift.

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