School Memory Boxes & Elderflower Champagne

School Memory Boxes & Elderflower Champagne

Organizing school papers can be one of the biggest frustrations for parents.

And some of the hardest clutter to keep up with. It just never stops coming in!

Today I’m chatting with Susie Salinas about creating a school memory box to make organizing papers for your kids easier. Her business, Systems by Susie in Annapolis, Maryland, helps busy moms develop long-term, easy-to-maintain solutions to keep their homes, their lives, and their kids organized and stress-free. She spent her early career as a teacher and event planner. Four years ago she turned her love of organizing and helping others into a thriving home organization business. Her online shop offers School Memory Boxes and other ready-made organizing solutions. On top of all this, Susie is a mom to 3 kids and military spouse.

And you can purchase Susie’s School Memory Box kit or pre-made box from Susie’s shop at

If you need some more basics of organizing kid’s papers…check out my podcast episode with my 2 step system to start. You can listen HERE.

Susie’s Resources

Here are the links to the products Susie recommends to create your school memory box:

•PINK: Pendaflex;
•RED: Smead;
•ORANGE: Smead;
•YELLOW: Smead;
•GREEN: Smead;
•NAVY: Smead;
•AQUA: Smead; or Pendaflex; (be sure to buy Aqua, not Teal!)
•PURPLE: Smead;
•KRAFT: Earthwise by Pendaflex;
•GRAY: Smead;

Besides these products, Susie shares some of her favorite apps and online resources to help you pare down your piles of kid’s artwork without the fear of losing the memory.


And be sure to connect with Susie for even more great ideas:

And lest you think I forgot the all important cocktail recipe…here you go!Elderflower Champagne


Serves 4-6

  • ½ bottle of champagne or sparkling Rosé, chilled
  • ½ bottle of tonic, chilled
  • ¼ cup Elderflower Liqueur (St. Germain)

Mix in pitcher and serve in flutes.


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