Setting Kid's Morning Routines & Summer Breeze

Setting Kid’s Morning Routines & Summer Breeze

Raise your hand if you need better morning routines to get your kids out the door?

I think most of us parents struggle to keep it together when it comes to the morning routines. For some reason, those little brains just don’t comprehend the urgency to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and get shoes on in a timely manner.

That is why today I want to give you some tips to reverse engineer the morning routines for your family to (hopefully) help things go smoother. And help get you out the door. Without yelling or using your mom voice too much.

How to Set Up Morning Routines

My routine is far from perfect. We started using it for two years now and it seems to be working most mornings for us. Meaning, there are way fewer struggles than before we put the routine in place.  Just like when I set goals for myself, I like to “reverse engineer” my routines to figure out what needs to be done when in order to reach my desired goal. So, in a nutshell, I work backwards.

Once I figure out what time I need to walk out the door and roughly how long each step takes, I  say “you need to be up at this time” or “you need to be getting dressed by this time”.  Even though my kids still do not know how to tell time, they are familiar with the routine and know when the big hand is on the 3, it means it is time to get dressed.

And for those mornings when even a solid routine isn’t enough to keep stress levels or voice volume low, I include this recipe for a great Summer Breeze cocktail to help take the edge off after they are in bed (assuming the bed time routine goes like most bedtime routines do).

Summer Breeze

Serves 1

  • Slice of orange
  • Maker’s Mark or bourbon of choice
  • Orange Liqueur
  • Ginger Ale
  • Ice

Muddle slice of orange in bottom of glass. Fill glass with ice. Pour in 1 1/4 oz of bourbon and a splash of orange liqueur. Top off with ginger ale. Enjoy!

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