What Clutter Costs & Wine Spritzers with Laurie Palau

What Clutter Costs You & Wine Spritzers

Clutter costs you more than dollars and cents...

Laurie Palau author of Hot Mess A Practical Guide to Getting Organized

It costs you time, space, relationships and mental help. But never fear. Help is here!

In this week's Cocktails & Containers episode, I am talking with special guest, author & professional organizer Laurie Palau. Laurie and I chat about other ways your clutter can cost you beyond the money.


During this episode, Laurie talks about her FAST acronym. This is from her book "Hot Mess: A Practical Guide for Getting Organized". It's designed to help you see what other area's of your life your clutter is costing you.

F -- Frustration

A -- Anxiety

S -- Stress

T -- Time

Laurie's book is a super easy read and her writing is as mater-of-fact as her advice on the episode. And the book is just what the title says...a practical guide to getting organized. To get your copy, click on the picture above or HERE. (Full disclosure: link is Amazon affiliate link).

In addition, Laurie discusses a technique for how she deals with what she calls "calendar clutter" (which this mama is super guilty of!) She using priorities to decide how we really should spend our time. Also, she suggests we build in margins to our schedule so we aren't always feeling behind.

And, of course, she shares the recipe for her refreshing, go-to summer cocktail: the Wine Spritzer.


Wine Spritzer

Serves 1

  • Sauvignon Blanc (or white wine of your choice)
  • San Pellegrino
  • Lemon Wedges
  • Ice

Fill glass with ice. Pour in wine and water half and half (or your preferred ratio). Squeeze in fresh lemon. Enjoy!

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Finally, if you are looking for help in combating the clutter in your home, Laurie has created a Simply b Organized Partner Program to help link you to a professional organizer in your area. To find an SBO partner near you, click HERE.

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What Clutter Costs You & Wine Spritzers
What Clutter Costs You & Wine Spritzers
What Clutter Costs You & Wine Spritzers

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